Ray is the current coordinator for the compost.

As part of our sustainability objective, all green material is to be used by the gardens and none to be sent off-site in the rubbish bin.

For people worried about weeds there is a green waste plastic bin next to the compost to allow weeds to die back before composting.

Please place all green waste in the storage bin in the corner of the food forest. The green waste needs to be no more than 300mm long and corn stalks, bushes need to be cut up by hand before placing in the storage bin.

Please do not place any green material directly into the compost bins.

Making compost is an important resource for the Community Gardens. It uses our green waste and produces a valuable plant food for use in food forest, the perimeter beds and our own beds.

However it does not make it self and Ray can always use several extra pair of hands.

Remember the more compost you want to use then the more help you should consider giving Ray.

From time to time we also have compost workshops, working bees, trips to pick up manure etc, details will appear here, on the blackboard, in the newsletter.