2020 Committee
President:             Diane Picker
Vice President:    David Graham
Secretary:              Pat St George
Treasurer:             David Graham
Committee:           Elizabeth MacKay
Committee:           Heather Pearsall
Committee:            Sarah Bridge



Our Aims and Objectives
1) To build a sustainable, supportive community of gardeners and custodians for the local environment.
2) Promote the growing of organic, sustainable foods and plants by education and by practical example in the garden.
3) Promote Permaculture as a sustainable system of growing food.
4) Promote the conservation of nature, the protection of the environment and the attainment of an ecologically sustainable society.

Goulburn Community Garden Child Safe Policy
Our ideal is to be a place for all ages where children (under the age of 18) are
made welcome and encouraged to learn and practice sound gardening methods, a
place of friendly interaction between young and old and where children may enjoy
the results of their efforts and care.
However all children, must at all times, be the direct responsibility of the parent or
guardian who brings them to the Goulburn Community Garden.
Download the Child Safe Policy:

Foundation and History

For details of how the Garden was founded and our history to 2018, please view this page: Formation and History.